What have Graeme, Reuben, Matthew, Mark and Kevin got in common?

March 2013


More pictures from the frontline, or rather more pictures from the coal face – lets be serious about this for a minute! What I meant to say was more pictures from our dedicated floor screeding teams who are at the sharp end of the business. I think that puts into perspective just how important these teams of dedicated professionals are to the CSC business.

Last week we released a story about our Train the Trainer program.

These pictures are of Graeme, Reuben, Matthew, Mark and Kevin who are all showing off their new Manual Handling certificates. This blog post is a testament to the fact that we mean business in every sense of the word and therefore we do not pay lip service to Heath & Safety. To deliver on every single project the details matter, whether they be for equipment, materials, staff training or operations conducted in a safe manner.

Well done guys!