CSC Screeding and Flowcrete UK Offer a Whole New World of Screeding Solutions

June 2016

CSC Screeding always use the best in class products for their clients. We are exceptionally pleased to announce that we have added a new suite of screed products to our service offering.

CSC Screeding and K-Screed Flooring Systems

CSC Screeding are proud to have been selected as one of the exclusive licensees of Flowcrete UK. Now, we can offer our clients high-performance screeding solutions for any surfaces and service conditions.

cscscreeding operative checking levels of floor screedFocusing on developing a strategic, highly effective partnership with the aim of delivering complete screeding solutions, both Flowcrete UK and CSC Screeding are planning to turn this collaboration into an excellent example of first-class service.

“Flowcrete UK is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative flooring products with enhanced features that provide some fantastic new insights into the “smart” floor of tomorrow. At CSC Screeding, we see the partnership with Flowcrete UK as a strategic business alignment of two market leaders in innovative screed technologies and customer service that will benefit our companies, employees, and customers”, said Spencer Warner, Managing Director at CSC Screeding.

flowcrete logoFlowcrete UK replied, “Why did we choose CSC Screeding as one of our licensees? Over the years, it has become evident that they have the knowledge, skill, experience, resources, and attention to detail to handle any screeding project, including large-scale, luxury undertakings, in a timely, cost-effective, and professional manner. We are excited to partner with CSC’s renowned team of customer focused, reliable screeders”.

Both of these statements exemplify the passion in helping any company involved in the construction industry succeed.

To address and solve a wide range of challenges typically accompanying screeding projects, many individuals and business professionals turn to CSC Screeding not only for expert advice and practical help but also for the best screeding products. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to add Flowcrete’s K-screed flooring systems to our current product and service offerings. Best in their class, these systems provide the following benefits:

  • isocrete logoproceeding of light foot traffic after 18 hours (10°C; 50% RH) or 8 hours (20°C; 50% RH) and full traffic after 5 days (10°C) or 3 days (20°C);
  • installation of decorative treatments, including moisture sensitive finishes, as early as 7 days for screeds with a thickness of 50mm;
  • fast setting and curing rates under polyethylene (12 hours, 10-20°C);
  • high resistance to abrasion and impact (BRE Test Category A or B, as per BS8204-1);
  • high flexural and compressive strength (> 25N/mm2 for standard screed and >30N/mm2 for heavy-duty screed);
  • low shrinkage rate, which will reduce the risk of cracking;
  • compatibility with UFH systems;
  • superior workability; pumpable K-screeds can be applied to large areas, in one operation;
  • compliance with sustainable construction standards.

To learn more about how K-screed products can help builders meet strict specifications and manage all the aspects of a flooring project successfully, contact our friendly professionals at 0330 223 2364 or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!