CSC Employees take pride in personal safety

February 2013

Our aim, our mission, our DNA and our track record speak volumes around always wanting to deliver value and best in breed heat and screed services to our clients. None of this is possible without passion and our team of dedicated staff.
CSC invests in technology, know how and the latest products. At the end of the day it is the simple little details that make all of the difference. What good is it to have great staff, an exemplary portfolio and a leadership position in the market if our staff were to get injured on the job for the most basic and most mundane of all activities such as lifting bags of cement?
With that in mind we reviewed our training approach and decided that getting the responsibilities for safety into the right places could be best achieved through a program of train the trainer.
Our first batch of certificates is out of the door and you can be sure our guys will be taking better care of themselves.
Spencer Warner, our MD, says “My own back tells me that risking your health for a lack of knowledge is a fool’s game. The protection of our staff is paramount to the operation of our company. I am pleased to see the success and acceptance of this important initiative.”