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As a levelling layer prior to the installation of floor finishes, Anhydrite or cement based screeds are ideal for incorporating thermal and acoustic insulation, underfloor heating and electrical services where required.  Anhydrite screeds are not suitable as a wearing surface and does not lend itself to external or permanently wet areas.

CSC Screeding Ltd have carried out all necessary training and have become approved applicators for most free flowing, screeding systems.  We offer a range of options dependant on geographical area in order to receive the best support from our supply chain and a great deal of communication of required to co-ordinate bulk quantities arriving on site in a timely manner.  Our installers have direct contract with the batching plant to ensure clear and concise instructions are met.  We carry out flow tests prior to pumping each batch to ensure optimum performance and this is recorded and retained for our records.

The correct preparation is required prior to the screeding application and should only be installed by a specialist.  It is very important that the final floor finisihing contractor is aware that anhydrite screeds are not compatible with cementitious products.  A primer is generally used for the purpose of separation.  The building envelope needs to be enclosed as this product can be affected by the outside elements and protection against wind tunnel syndrome plays an important part of successful installation.

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There are many products on the market and CSC have reached a high industry standard by fully understanding the science behind the installation and associated processes. We have worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure that only the best quality materials are used on all of our sites across the UK.