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Experience in Working for Large National Main Contractors

CSC Screeding Limited have many years of experience in working with national main contractors who want to engage with a sub-contract screed specialist capable of handling high volume commercial screeding contracts. We have a strong track record in managing complex demands, challenging project performance expectations and working closely with our clients to meet the many challenges presented by different site environments.

Supporting Mid Market Specialists

We are equally comfortable working in close partnership with specialist mid – market contractors such as Interior Fit-Out Specialists, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors and leading Under-Floor Heating companies who require high quality reliable floor screed systems. CSC work hard at providing our clients with technical data and knowledge sharing, enabling them to make more informed decisions about screed systems in advance of installation.

Reference Sites and Client Endorsements

We encourage all our existing customers to provide direct feedback throughout each stage of the screeding installation and we listen and act on the information received. This ongoing process has enabled CSC to constantly improve and adapt our service standards to meet the needs of all our clients and we are pleased to share this by way of references. Simply contact us and we will talk to you in detail about the high quality services provided by our company and provide site references and client endorsement if required.

What our clients say:

Delighted with School Projects as Underfloor Heating Proves a firm favourite with young students, it’s the comfort offered during ‘floor based activities’ that is the real attraction.