Our Policy

A policy is a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions and achieve rational outcome(s). This is an aspect of our business that we take very seriously.

At the top of our policy agenda is the constant monitoring of compliance and training for our workforce – we recognise that this is vital to our day to day operations.

We also enlist the assistance of The Health & Safety People to ensure that the high standards required are met.

We don’t act alone on site, and so we ensure that methods are implemented and audited to comply with our policy.  Only through co-operation and control ca we achieve zero accident rates, maintain high quality and performance standards, take sensible and responsible actions towards environmental issues.

Available Documents

  • Company Conduct Manual 2019
  • Health & Safety Policy Document 2019
  • Health & Safety Arrangements Policy 2019
  • Environmental Policy Statement 2019
  • Quality Statement Covering 2019
  • Waste Management Statement 2019
  • EC Conformity for Screed Pump 2019
  • Equal Opportunities Policy 2019
  • Safe System of work – Method Statement, Risk Assessment, COSHH – 2019