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Working with local builders, developers and specialist subcontractors across London and the South East.  CSC Screeding have developed a specialist BuilderScreed trading division, installing award winning screeding systems for over 30 years.

Whether its a small extension, a residential property or small commercial unit, then our BuilderScreed division is just for you.

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Complete our online quote request form and attach your specifications and drawings, we will turn around your estimate in super quick time.

If you approve of the quotation and would like to proceed, then one of the CSC team will be happy to attend site and undertake a site survey, checking screed depth, logistics and access to site.  Any changes found will be notified at this point to ensure that everything runs smooth on the day.

We understand that floor screeding is only a part of the overall build process. To help our clients with project scheduling, we have provided the following as a guide.  There are a huge range of specialist screeding systems for which we are approved contractors, please speak to a technical advisor for further information.

Screed TypeWalk on timeDrying Time
Traditional Fibre Screed24-48 hours
110 days – at 75mm Depth
1mm per day up to 40mm & 0.5mm thereafter
K-Screed and Fast K-Screed24-48 hours14 or 28 days – at 75mm Depth
Flowing Screed24-48 hours70 days – at 55mm depth 1mm per day up to 40mm & 0.5mm thereafter

“Isn’t there a company that could help us with our underfloor heating and screed”

We are specialist floor screeding contractors with over 30 years of experience in providing specialized screeding solutions for Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) is a highly efficient form of space heating that is fast replacing the conventional heating systems in the commercial and domestic sectors across the UK. Underfloor heating systems makes use of electric or hydronic heating elements embedded beneath the floor surface to generate a soothing and comforting heat, that spreads evenly across the floor.

Screed Systems

Screeding Technology

There are many products on the market and CSC have reached a high industry standard by fully understanding the science behind the installation and associated processes. We have worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure that only the best quality materials are used on all of our sites across the UK.

Live News



One of our Mörtel Meister MM5200 Screed Pumps on a large construction project in London. These ultra reliable machines are extremely fuel efficient and save us a fortune, particularly now that rebated fuel cannot be used for construction work anymore. #fuelefficient #mortelmeisteruk #screedpump #screedpumps #screeding #screed #ukconstruction #constructionuk #plant #screedinglondon ...

The team are flying through the work in the hotel. Isocrete K Screed over thermal and acoustic insulation on levels 1 to 7. Soon, we’ll be into the Temple Wing. #screeding #cscscreeding #cscscreedteam #cscprepteam #cpguk #ukconstruction #constructionuk #screedinglondon ...

It’s been a while but we’re preparing to return to this project in Henley. We’ll be using a self compacting concrete and today’s visit was to undertake a level survey, so that we get the correct volume of material@on the day. Measure twice and cut once, just how we like it. #selfcompactingconcrete #cemfloor #cemfloorbymcgraths #screed #ukconstruction #builder #newbuild #newhomes #screedinghenley #henley ...

First of 16 new homes under construction for a new client in Hitchin. We look forward to delivering our usual high quality screeding that will last the life time of the building. #screedinghitchin #screeding #cscscreeding #ukconstruction #constructionuk #screedingnewhomes ...

Screeding continues at the Campkin Road project in Cambridge. Pan floated screed looking awesome! Nice work, team! #screeding #cscscreeding #cscscreedteam #supertrowel #ukconstruction #constructionuk #screedcontractor #screedingnewhomes ...

Delivering cement to one of the CSC projects this morning. This truck helps us serve our clients to ensure materials continue to flow, even when there are intermittent manufacture supply issues. #cscdelivery #ukconstruction #constructionuk #logistics #reputable #csclogisticsteam #delivery #screed #screeding #cement ...

One of CSC’s mobile fuel bowsers on the move. At CSC, we love our blue branding with the famous swoosh. Even our fuel is blue. Genetically modified with its own DNA, we will always know our fuel. Whatever next? Ideas welcome
#cscbluediesel #fuel #cscblue #dna #diesel #ukconstruction #constructionuk #theboysinblue #thegirlsinblue

Makes all the difference when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Just like CSC Blue. Another fabulous project that the CSC team are delivery. Well done all. #newhomes #cscscreeding #screed #screeding #cscblue #ukconstruction Makes all the difference when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Just like CSC Blue. Another fabulous project that the CSC team are delivery. Well done all. #newhomes #cscscreeding #screed #screeding #cscblue #ukconstruction ...

Construction Accreditations

CSC Screeding are members of Constructionline, CHAS and Builders Profile where a predefined Health & Safety questionnaire is pre-completed and our clients have direct access to the information. Documents contained in the pre-qualification system are updated throughout the year, ensuring continued compliance. We have focused on developing the business through constant innovation, implementation and collaboration.

We were an early adopter of FORS – gaining Bronze accreditation – as we recognised this would become more widely requested on construction sites.

We are now ready for the business to grow with the increasing demand.