Under cover boss

November 2011

Spencer Warner, our Managing Director, has over 24 years experience in the floor screeding industry, better known as The Screed Scientist® and his phenomenal attention to detail. It has been over 8 years since he has been on the tools. His usual day job involves running the office, providing technical assistance, working through contracts, visiting and working with clients, plotting the IT strategy and also he likes to be close to the company PR activities.


Then along comes one of those typical business dilemmas. A resource shortage and a client needing a quick turn around on a job. So, should the client wait another two days or should the MD roll up his sleeves and find out how things are really operating at the coal face? Spencer is never one to miss out on a challenge and here are the pictures of the job.

Comment from Spencer : “ I needn’t have worried, after two minutes it all came flooding back and the job was done in no time. Good to see the team and equipment in action and a job well done. This experience has given me a few ideas for improving our processes”.