UFH man to assist The Screed Scientist® with under floor heating issues

March 2012

With The Screed Scientist® juggling too much work on his shoulders, we decided it is about time we delegated some of the work and took some burden off the shoulder of the old trowel. Considering the fact that screeding for Under Floor Heating alone remains an extensive topic that requires considerable attention, it did not take us long to arrive at the decision of handing over the entire UFH section to the capable hands of the little UFH man.

After the success of the bespectacled trowel on The Screed Scientist® website, this new member of The Screed Scientist® family is all set to follow in his lines, reach out to the masses and help create awareness regarding the important things that need to be borne in mind while doing screeding over under floor heating systems.
UFH-ComparisonWith the heating elements of the UFH systems embedded within the screed, the chances are often high for heated screeds to develop compaction problems and issues related to cracking and curling of the screed. It is therefore important to make an informed choice while selecting the screed for under floor heating system, and pay attention to all specific details from screed thickness around the pipes to providing reinforcement to curb cracking and curling.

Now that a wide variety of screeding options are available for UFH systems- ranging from traditional screeds and free flowing anhydrite screeds to energy efficient, fast drying modified screed- it is always advisable to seek expert advice regarding which screed type would best suit your particular project.


If there is anything that you need to know, all you need to do is pop in to our screed scientist website and our UFH man will be waiting there for you with tips and advice on the best screeding practices for under floor heating systems. And, if there is anything specific that you would like to further discuss or know, the friendly UFH man will be more than happy to help you with a solution.