Traditional or Fast Drying Screed

October 2014

Traditional or fast drying? Which one is right for your project. Read our article to help you decide.

Traditional floor screeds basically include cement and sand in a 1:3-5 mix ratio, the 1:4 ratio being the most common alternative used. Traditional screeds are the cheapest screed options, and a “natural” choice for ceramic tiled floors, as they seem to promote a much greater bond with ceramics.

Although the drying time for standard screeds, which are usually 75mm thick, is up to 110 days, ambient weather conditions can prevent water from being evaporated within the specified time frame. As a result, most screeds, including fast-drying options, may need more time to dry during rainy, cold seasons, such as spring, autumn, and winter. Additionally, the thinner the screed layer, the less time it needs to dry. Today, professional screeders offer a variety of screed thickness options, ranging from 15mm to 75mm.

One of the benefits of traditional screeds is that they can be laid into falls, allowing water to be disposed evenly, for uniform evaporation. Traditional screeds are appropriate for regular projects in commercial, industrial, and domestic settings. Depending on job specifications, professionals will analyse any reinforcing materials needed individually.

When rapid drying is required, screeders can offer a variety of fast-drying screeds, which allow for early installation of the final floor. Most of these screeds are polymer modified and include additives that not only reduce the amount of water needed, accelerating the overall drying time, but also act as bonding agents, forming strong chemical bonds with the concrete base. Therefore, fast-drying screeds usually deliver more solid under-floor structures compared to traditional screeds.

Numerous professional screeders collaborate with experienced constructors in order to ensure that the right screeds are always laid in the right areas.

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