The Screed Scientist Concept Progresses to an Apprentice

November 2013
The Thinking Behind the Screed Apprentice

Anyone running a business can not have failed to have been called up via one the UK Apprentice Scheme partners or have seen some of the media campaigns. When we created The Screed Scientist website it was partly out of a frustration for common concepts that were being misunderstood. We created a whole bunch of resources to explain such things as deviation from datum, surface regularity and moisture testing to just name a few.

To reinforce the key messages we created some fun characters in the guise of The Screed Scientist, The Screed Doctor and the Underfloor Heating man. Whilst these have been great, we felt that actually, we were missing a trick. It is all very well to give hints, tips and pointers to the planners, architects and project managers but what about the people who are doing the actual work?

The greatest plans, the best precautions and the perfect arrangements mean nothing, absolutely nothing, if the basics are missed out. For example: putting down the polythene, not allowing the sand to be contaminated, not forgetting the edge trips, not screeding the room in he correct order, not compacting the screed around pipes….. the list is endless. Someone has to do the work and be prepared to deliver to quality standards. With the government initiative ringing on our ears it seemed very appropriate to provide The Screed Scientist character with a helper. What better helper than an apprentice? With an apprentice we can have some fun in terms of the character burning the candle at both ends but also at a very serious level when we wish to talk about the details. As Spencer Warner will tell you, the real Screed Scientist,  you basically have two things which can make your project either fail or succeed. The first is assumptions. Never assume anything, you must check and check again. The second relates to the details, forget a detail and you will pay the price over and over again. Even worse, if you assume the details have been covered then you really are asking for it! Join us on our journey to banish the false assumption and the details you need to get right by following The Screed Apprentice. To find meet the Screed Apprentice, click here.