Testing floor screeding scenarios for a client

June 2013

At CSC Screeding we like to assist clients where ever possible in the determination and selection of the right screeding systems. Please see these images:


Testing underfloor heating and different types of screed

Objective: Determine the most appropriate floor void combination. In the image above and below you can see the screed systems being compared.


Test areas are complete and are in the process of drying

  • Left: 3m2 x 35-40mm Ronacrete Mix F, on underfloor heating with pocketed routed insulation board, on 6mm Isorubber base.
  • Centre: 3m2 x 45mm Tarmac Truflow Anhydrite screed, on underfloor heating with 25mmTacker Board, on 6mm Isorubber Base Acoustic layer.
  • Right: 3m2 x 58mm FlexiDry F3, on underfloor heating with wire grid, on 10mm Celotex, on 6mm Isorubber base.

For client confidentiality reasons we can not say much more, but we hope that this blog speaks volumes for our ability to mix it. (Pun intended)



Using pan mixer to prepare the floor screed


Installing the test screeds