Talking The BuilderScreed ® Language

March 2013

The Screed Scientist says:

“Screeding a floor is the simple act of applying a well blended mixture of Ordinary Portland Cement with graded aggregates and water to a floor base, in order to form a sturdy sub-floor that is capable of taking on the final floor finish or act as a final wearing surface. Nonetheless, as simple as this process might sound, there is a lot more to screeding than trowelling on the cement sand mixture. It is one of the most vital steps in flooring that plays a major role in ensuring the quality, finish and durability of the entire flooring.”

There are many types of screed, different ways to carry out the installation and quite often  the floor usage has to be thought through. For example the footfall for a specific area might be quite low and therefore one might assume that surface will not need to be hard wearing. Occasionally Mobile Electric Working Platforms (MEWP) might be used for remedial and maintenance work to the building envelope. At this point you would need to ask – has the floor loading and the compressive strength of the screed been specified correctly? As you can probably imagine if you had forgotten how the floor was going to be used and by whom, then there could be a lot of trouble around the corner. We have seen just how much damage a MEWP can do to a floor screed that has not been allowed to dry for the correct amount of time.  For large projects building professionals such as architects will spend the time needed to ensure that the flooring specifications are spot on.

BUT, what if you are running an independent building company and you need to screed a floor area right now? You still need to select the right products and follow the correct procedures and ultimately you carry the “reputational can” if something goes wrong. As an independent builder your “to do list” is almost as long as the “Shard” is tall. Screed is something that goes onto the concrete floor and has the final floor finish applied on top – right?  How hard can it be? AND you simply do not have mountains of time to spend on one of aspect of your building project. As an example do you concentrate on “U values” or do you worry about if your floor tiler will turn up too early or too late? At CSC Screeding we understand these pressures and we can assist you in many ways. When required and if we feel extra input is needed with specifications then we can certainly work with your building professionals to decipher the technical queries to form firm plans of action.

At CSC we speak your language. We offer you all of the techniques and products that the big boys expect and we have found a way to communicate this in a way where the absolute essentials are there for the taking in a no nonsense way via our BuilderScreed® microsite.

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