Spencer Warner Appointed to FeRFA’s Committee for Screeding Standards.

February 2016

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Spencer Warner is renowned as a leader in screeding practice. His drive for improvements within the industry will be harnessed as part of the committee that influences BSi codes of practice for screeding.

CSC Screeding are pleased to announce that our MD, Spencer Warner, has been appointed to the Resin Floor Association’s (FeRFA) Screeding Technical Committee. FeRFA represents major product manufacturers, specialist contractors, surface preparation companies, raw material suppliers and specialist service providers within the UK Resin Flooring Industry. Part of the committee’s remit is to contribute technical information for relevant screeding guidelines and codes of practice to organizations such as the British Standards Institute.

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FeRFA’s appointment is an acknowledgement of Spencer’s position as a leader in the field. Spencer’s career has almost entirely, been involved in screeding and his passion for the industry and delivering a quality service is second to none. His commitment to quality does not just stop with his own company. Through his company websites, as well as those of the Screed Scientist and Screed Protection, Spencer raises awareness of the factors that contribute to high quality standards in screeding, and promotes ideas to reduce the incidence of screed failure.

His passion for improving the industry will be put to good use on the committee which influences best practice within the industry. Using their 28 years of screeding experience, CSC, through Spencer, will provide the voice for specialist contractors and contribute ideas to tighten up, change or modernise the codes of practice that relate to laying screed.

CSC Screeding managing director Spencer Warner says:

“We are really pleased to have been invited onto this committee and see this both as a privilege and a responsibility to drive standards forward.

If a screeding project fails, the knock on consequences can be enormous. Delays to the program, remedial work, and follow on trades not being able to access the site are just a few examples where screed failure can hinder a project, but they pale in comparison when you consider the cost impact it can have over the lifetime of the project. These are all easily avoidable issues if you have a well-informed workforce. Wouldn’t it be so much better to prevent (and excuse the pun) than to cure.

My aim on the committee is the advancement of quality screeding standards through the promotion of common methods and a common language. These will ultimately help deliver improved efficiencies and a better quality service.”

CSC Screeding Ltd are proud of the quality service they deliver to all their projects. If you require professional screeders for your project, contact CSC Screeding Ltd and talk to one of our Screed Scientist trained experts.