Sensitive Restoration of a London Art Deco Jewel to its Former Glory: Naawab Curry House

July 2015

Nawaab Curry House Before

Built for The Hoover Company back in 1933, The Hoover Building is not only a wonderful Art Deco masterpiece located in Perivale, West London, but also home to one of the best restaurants in London: Royal Nawaab London. Echoing the same iconic style of its big brother, the restaurant serves excellent authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine and is renowned for its elegant ambience. Made up of three parts, including the main restaurant and two beautiful banqueting suites, Royal Nawaab London has been recently renovated to offer its customers the ultimate dining experience.

Having an established reputation for delivering high-quality floor screeding services, our CSC Screeding team was chosen to carry out the screeding of the ground and first floors. Since the project involved the installation of different floor finishes, ranging from tiling to carpet, the main contractor required us to use screed systems that would have made possible the installation of the new floor to the high standards expected.

To meet the project’s objectives related to quality, time frame, and budget, we decided to use fast drying screed in areas subjected to tight time constraints and cement-sand traditional screed in auxiliary areas, which ensured a smooth, uninterrupted operation of the restaurant until the screed dried out completely. For a high-quality, solid, durable sub-floor able to withstand excessive traffic, we used fibre reinforced traditional screed instead of standard cement-sand floor screed.

On both the ground and first floors, the screed was laid unbonded, at a depth of 50mm and on top of 1200g polythene DPMs and 500g polyethylene DPMs, respectively. To ensure the integrity of the screed construction and enhance its insulation properties, we covered the perimeter abutments with soft polyethylene strip.

The main contractor was able to install new flooring after only 21 days in areas where fast drying screed was laid, completing the first phase of the project within the timeframe specified. The second phase of the project was completed after 110 days, when the traditional screed was dry enough to take on the final floor finish.

Nawaab Curry House After

As a result of using fast drying screed and fibre reinforced traditional screed, we have completely refurbished the sub-floor, turning it into a solid construction ready to withstand all the “hardships” that will accompany the restaurant’s increasing popularity for decades to come.

At CSC Screeding we provide a wide variety of customisable, high-performance screed systems that deliver unrivalled flatness, levelness, and soundness at reduced depths and costs.