‘Screed Doctor’ joins in The Screed Scientist® mission to nurse ailing screeds back to health

July 2012

Be it a quick cure for a minor blister on the screed or a complicated diagnosis and therapy for a major screed ailment, the ‘screed doctor’ will now be around to nurse all ailing screeds back to perfect health! With his satchel packed with the latest of equipment and a treasure trove of knowledge from years of experience, the grey haired old doctor is just about the right person the industry currently needs to help find a permanent cure for the daunting issue of screed failures.

The screed doctor will now appear alongside the bespectacled screed scientist trowel and the specialist UFH man on The Screed Scientist® website and on other CSC Screeding publications, joining in The Screed Scientist®’s mission of preventing screed failures and imparting knowledge regarding the best screeding practices.

While The Screed Scientist® perfects the screed techniques through balancing the mixtures and combinations, the screed doctor will be the hands-on expert who will make use of the perfected techniques to diagnose issues and prescribe remedial solutions. From ​​​​advice on precautionary measures for preventing various screed problems to providing well charted out tests and advice for early detection of issues and ensuring expert diagnosis and cure for ailing screeds, the screed doctor can be expected to lend his services for all issues related to problems with screeding.


The UFH man will further assist The Screed Scientist® and the screed doctor in all specialist cases of screeds related to under floor heating. The dedicated efforts of the ‘screed scientist trio’ are expected to bring a marked difference in the general attitude towards the adoption of screed protection measures and screeding best practices for achieving high quality screeds.

Paying attention to the seemingly minor details and adopting rectification measures at the earliest stages through regular inspection and testing can help significantly in avoiding unexpected budget leaps and achieving high quality screeds. And now, with the screed doctor setting his surgery at The Screed Scientist® site, it is easier than ever to draw up the perfect health chart to keep your screeds fit and fine!