Recent Projects

February 2012

Fasionable new student accommodation for East London at 14 Field Gate Street

CSC Screeding worked with both main contractors Mace Group and JR Pickstock on the project, delivering high quality installation of 6000 sq.m of Gyvlon anhydrite screeds and 1200 sq.m of pumpable levelling / smoothing compounds for the development. Gyvlon self smoothing, self compacting anhydrite screed was installed as a ready mix and pumped with a remote controlled brinkmann pump, supplied by Tarmac.

Stanley Park School Sutton reaches completion on time


CSC Screeding is proud to have played our part in the quick completion of the project, getting nearly 1000sq.m of screeded flooring ready for the final floor finish within just a week of the screed installation. Fast drying floor screed- FlexiDry F1, was used to expedite the drying while ensuring strength and durability. FlexiDry screed of the F3 formulation, which comes with a drying time of 21 days was further used for screeding another 2000sq.m of the school building, making sure that the floor finish contractors could begin the installation of the final floor finish without any delays.

CSC delivers 16,000 sq.m of high quality FlexiDry screeds for a range of luxury floor finishes at the iconic Lancasters


The Lancaster is yet another addition to CSC’s portfolio of exceptional quality and superior workmanship. We are proud to have delivered to perfection, 16,000 sq. m of high quality screed for the iconic residential development- ‘The Lancasters’. The stunning prime-value apartment complex overlooking the Kensington gardens, Hyde Park was originally an array of 15 Grade-II listed mid-nineteenth century houses, which has been restored by a team of London’s leading developers, architects and interior designers.

CSC proud to have been involved in Mivan Depa’s maiden venture in the UK


CSC is proud to have successfully completed the screeding contract for Middle East construction giants Mivan-Depa’s maiden venture for the UK. FlexiDry fast drying floor screed was installed over underfloor heating for the luxury apartments in Bayswater, facing Hyde Park.

The location did bring with it logistical difficulties and problems with access and storage of materials. However, our expert team was successful in overcoming the issues and materials were delivered according to requirement and transported on site using pallets, with the pump placed in an alley.

CSC completes the Trinity Sports Hall project


CSC has successfully completed the screeding project for the new £3m sports hall for Trinity School, Newbury. FlexiDry F3 with a drying time of 21 days was used for the project, which is scheduled for completion by autumn 2011.

The much awaited sports hall will feature a range of facilities from an all-weather outdoor sports pitch, viewer’s gallery and main sports hall to all associated facilities including PE classrooms changing areas, shower rooms and even a café. In addition to improving the sports facilities available to the students of Trinity, the sports hall is expected to open up better facilities for community use and gatherings as well.