Press Fast Forward to 2016 Flooring Screeding Projects

January 2016
InterContinental Hotel - O2

The InterContinental Hotel – O2

As we head into 2016 with a new drive, optimism and grand projects appearing down the line we thought that we would take one last quick glance into the rear-view mirror to see off 2015. A big thank you to our clients, suppliers, business partners, screeders and employees, we could not have done it without you.

As luck would have it, two of the projects that were finished off in December 2015 have had promotional videos made of them. We can look back with pride knowing that our work is being put to good use. These videos communicate prestige, grandeur, location, quality and class, which are all words that CSC Screeding are happy to be associated with.

Chalfont House Interior Walkthrough

The London InterContinental Hotel – O2

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