Old Homes or New, You Can Bring Underfloor Heating Home!

July 2015
Whole house being set up for underfloor heating inscreed on screed

One of our floor screeding and underfloor heating jobs

Design gurus tried them all. They tried painting the radiators, covering them and camouflaging them. But underfloor heating did what none of them could do. It erased the bulky radiators entirely from the scene.

Freedom from radiators, better energy efficiency, compatibility with ground and air source heat pumps and other renewable energy sources – it’s not difficult to see why underfloor heating is rising in popularity in the U.K. However, there is a common perception among home owners that underfloor heating is better suited for new builds, large extension and renovation projects due to the disruption and costs involved in lifting the floors and installing the system and its overlays.

It in fact is a valid point.

Water fed underfloor heating systems generally requires hot water pipes to be installed under the floor covering with insulation beneath (to prevent heat loss to the ground), and a layer of screed on top to improve conductivity, retain heat and provide a level surface for the final floor finish.

This calls for a rise in floor height, and necessary changes to the existing skirting boards and doors, which can of course be easily accommodated if you have a new construction or renovation going on. As it is easier and more economical to accommodate the extra layers (and rise in floor levels) without much disruption, this type of underfloor heating is often better suited for new builds, renovations and extensions.

But, this is just the case of water fed underfloor heating systems, and that does not rule out underfloor heating from the picture for existing floors. There are other types of underfloor heating systems such as On-screed systems which are specially tailored for use on existing floors.

On-screed systems use pre-made electric matting systems that can be retrofitted on existing floors without substantial rise in floor height, and with minimal disruption. The thin electric mats can be laid on top of your existing floor base, with just a thin layer of levelling compound on top. This system not only helps to cut down costs but also allows a speedy installation, and you have the option of powering it from solar panels or wind turbines, if you wish to use a renewable energy source.

For extension or renovation projects, you have the choice of opting for an In-screed system, where the heating elements/pipes are embedded in a layer of fast drying screed. Water fed UFH systems can be installed, embedded in a layer of screed and connected to a conventional boiler, ground or air source heat pumps or solar panels.

So if you are besotted by the underfloor heating system, let not the type of floor worry you anymore. We have customized underfloor heating options for most floor types and budgets. If you would like to know the options for your specific floor type or get a free quote, just call us on 0845 500 4055, and our expert team will be more than happy to help.

And whichever system you choose, at HomeScreed we provide a 10 year guarantee for all our installations.