Menorah School – Kier Construction

October 2012

Some days things just go to plan and I don’t mean the floor screeding. We had a really interesting job that was outside with easy access and with different stages in progress. So we managed to get some great pictures for the blog and gallery.

Images 1 to 6 show the CSC team hard at work doing what we are best at – Floor Screeding!


1. Floor Screeding for Kier Construction



2. Menorah School Floor Screeding by CSC Screeding



3. Floor Screeding by CSC Screeding



4. CSC Screeding staff on site, screeding



5. CSC Screeding operatives hard at work



6. Floor Screeding allmost complete


Images 7 and 8 show the different stages of insulation, damproof membrane and screeding. You can actually see the drying process. Actually it is very rare for us to be able to get aerial shots of our work. Hat tip to our site manager for getting these great pictures.


7. Different stages of the screeding process



8. Screeding seen from high up


Please check out our gallery for more CSC Screeding jobs.  Did you know that we were active on the Olympic Park?  The Orbit was screeded by us.