Last minute change to screeding plan

March 2012

Many a time we have spoken to clients about the advantages of site mix over liquid screeds. Here is a very good example of flexibility from a recent project.

The client wished to save time on some tiling work. Certain areas needed to be raised by 15mm. He had two choices. First option, post screeding, was somehow to find a way to build up parts of the floor using levelling products or carpentry. Alternatively he could use the second option of asking his floor screeding contractor for assistance.

A quick discussion on site, a verification of the floor plans and it was agreed that CSC could do the job.


Image shows where the screed needs to be raised



Check the plans



Start the screeding, check the levels



Raised area can be seen to progress



Raised area near completion



Raised area seen from another angle

So there you have it. To accommodate this late customer request with a liquid floor screeding solution would have been quite difficult.