HomeScreed Christmas Poem

December 2014

T’was four nights before Christmas, how exciting is that
You’ve bought a tree and the presents and a novelty hat.
But oh what a disaster! you open the door

And everything’s ready except for your floor.
No festivities, or parties, the children will frown

“There’s no joy this Christmas ‘til the carpet goes down.”
Along came our Spencer with his CSC hat

He scratches his chin and says –“ I can solve that”
And so he appeared with Victoria and Lil,

vic and lil
With laser levels and screeders with skill
The screed was laid down, it was dry in a flash

It was Flexidy of course, so now they could dash
Off to their next job , these saviours of screed

To the next family who shout “Help we’re in need’
And you’ll hear Spencer say ‘ere he drives out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight”