HomeScreed™ at work in the flood plain

November 2012

k in the flood plain


Staying up to date with floor screeding technologies is what we do on a daily basis. This week we can actually say that we are current with the news headlines!

The CSC HomeScreed team were called out to deal with a house that has been specifically designed to cope with flooding. This time around we were not screeding but had to carry out some remedial work to a part of a basement floor where the concrete was out of tolerance and would cause pools of water to form.

The HomeScreed™ team used a scabbler to lower the high spots in the concrete, took care of the joints, applied a primer and laid a smoothing compound that would withstand constant watering.

The CSC HomeScreed™ team demonstrated skills and expertise in an area where the flooring requirements were out of the ordinary.

Call CSC Screeding for all of your heat and screed projects, because – we’ve got it covered!