HomeScreed 2016: A New Year, A Fresh Start

December 2015
Your recommended 2016 screeding resolutions!

Your recommended 2016 screeding resolutions!

With 2015 drawing to a close, we realised that we have many happy memories of this year, beginning with the successful installation of floor screeds in extensions, houses, warehouses, hospitals, schools and hotels and culminating with the screeding of the busiest interchange station in the UK. Though we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished this year, the time has come to think about New Year’s resolutions.

2016: A New Year, A Fresh Start

Cosying up with our families and friends by the fire, most of us have already started to dream and plan for 2016. If you’re thinking about renovating your house this year, here are four valuable tips from our screeding experts.

Focus on flatness, levelness and soundness.

Updating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best investments you can make in your home. But only if it’s done right. When it comes to flooring, remember that only a flat, level and sound substrate will help ensure that your chosen floor covering sits tight for as long as your house stands and that you don’t need to level or prop up your furniture.

Do not forget moisture.

By building an extra room or an extra floor, you can get the extra space you need without the expense of moving house. What’s more, the extension can be uniquely built, according to your vision, style and preferences. When building an extension, make sure that the screeder includes a damp proof layer and allows the screed to dry thoroughly before the final floor finish is installed. Since moisture trapped under floor finishes can damage the entire floor structure, paying attention to these these two things will allow you to get a dry, solid and durable base for your ground floor extension.

Plan and design the perfect floor.

Before you hire a contractor to transform your living space, it’s important to have a firm idea of what you want and be aware of the comfort enhancements you can get. If you want a modern, minimalist interior design, for example, a great idea would be to consider underfloor heating, which not only is easy to install once the floors are up and can give a feeling of luxurious comfort but also may help you reduce your utility bills.

Hire the right people for the job.

Hiring a team of qualified and skilled professionals will make all the difference between enjoying a wonderful new bathroom and kitchen or an extension designed and executed perfectly and being tied up in lengthy, costly litigation. Our advice? Ask your family, friends and neighbours who they’ve used in the past or check with government agencies, such as TrustMark, to find the most reliable tradesmen, with excellent customer references and good financial status.

At CSC Screeding’s HomeScreed division, all the staff hope that you and your family have an amazing Christmas and a Great New Year!