Ho Ho Ho Christmas and Seasons Greetings

December 2014

Is it Christmas already?? 2014 has absolutely sped by. We’ve had an incredible year and taken part in over 220 projects this year ranging from simple screeding of a square room to the more logistically challenging screeding on an island. Our customers have always been more than happy with our work and we will continue to support them and add value to their projects.

Is it us or has a certain Olympic structure been in the news rather a lot recently? Earlier this year, the iconic ArcelorMittlal Orbit opened its doors to the public once again allowing everyone to get a close up view of, and a high up view from, this amazing structure. And if you saw the Apprentice, you would have caught the fantastic views of the London Skyline as the winning team abseiled down the outside of the Orbit.

It’s a wonderful structure to look at now it’s finished; but when we look at it, we also see the challenges that had to be overcome to get the observation decks finished on time. Transportation problems caused by snow were exacerbated by sub-zero temperatures which reduced our working window. But at CSC, we know that our dedication and expertise will come up with a solution for every problem. To get back on track, our team screeded till 1am, they used FlexiDry F3 to give a drying time of 3 days and used gas heaters to keep temperatures above freezing and get a walk on time of 12 hours so that other trades would have access to the site. But all this hard work would have gone to waste if we had not also protected the screed against the cold and wet weather.

Screed protection is one of the final steps in laying the perfect screed but so often it is overlooked. If your screed isn’t protected over the Christmas break, then you may come back to site and find that you will have to re-do the screed. Extra expense and a waste of time. Nobody wants that -least of all your clients. If you want to know more about screed protection, we have many articles on the CSC website and the screed scientist has articles to help you learn about the subject too.

Next year, CSC will be making it easier for you to find the right information and services for you. We will be launching 3 microsites: ContractScreed, BuilderScreed and HomeScreed. You will still have access to high quality articles but now we will also be including downloadables and ebooks thatwill help you find the right information for your projects.

We’ve got a busy 2015 ahead of us, and we hope you do too. The construction industry set to grow over the coming year, however contractors are experiencing difficulties in getting highly skilled professionals for their projects If you require a company that delivers a quality product and service, whose employees take a pride in their work and who add value through their problem solving attitude, then contact our expert team at CSC screeding.

We hope that you and your families have a wonderful Christmas break and a Happy and prosperous New Year.