Health and Safety: CSC Screeding Ltd goes the extra mile

September 2011

As meticulous CSC Screeding Ltd is about the quality of work, CSC management sees it as a priority that every worker benefits from a safe and healthy working environment. In an initiative to ascertain the current health and safety management and procedures are right in place, a Health and Safety Audit by THSP (The Health and Safety People) was commissioned this month by our Managing Director, Spencer Warner.

From a thorough assessment of the premises and work place to an in-depth evaluation of the existing health and safety and risk management, a complete review was done of the current health and safety procedures adopted by CSC. We are proud to report that the review found our health and safety management to be of very good standards.

Right from induction and task training to delivering health and safety instruction, information and supervision, we were assessed as having a very good management system which is comprehensive, thanks to our Operations Manager Roger Harvey, who is Tech IOSH qualified.

Our system for test, inspection and examination of machinery and the method of recording the running times of pumps remotely received special mention in the reports. CSC has always taken special care in ensuring the employees are provided with personal protection equipments free of cost, and makes sure every employee can approach the management freely with any concerns regarding their health and safety.

Apart from the existing health and safety measures, a new action plan has also been formulated to further strengthen the H&S management. The action plan includes pre-employment questionnaires, developing operators’ packs and machine guarding courses for all operatives, which will be implemented over the span of next three months.