Green screed for H&M

December 2013

Green screed for H&MFor H&M, green is probably just not all about a few eco-friendly product lines and green washing instructions on the labels. The new H&M outlet at the Strand is setting a sensible green trend with environment friendly building materials, starting all the way from the floors, or more precisely the subfloors.
CSC recently completed the screeding for the new H&M store with Kerakoll’s green screed, Keracem. With inert, recyclable material replacing the ‘cement’ in the screed, Keracem is just about as green as a screed can get. Italian company, Kerakoll is catching on worldwide with their innovative new green building products and has several awards to their credit for their green ratings and eco-friendly product range. Apart from its green credentials, Keracem screeds also offer the advantage of quick drying times – making it possible to the lay certain floor finishes such as ceramic tiles within 24 hours of screeding.

Greenbuilding rating
CSC successfully installed nearly 400m2 of Keracem to high quality standards. However, the project did not come without its challenges. Situated on London’s buzzing ‘Strand’, access to the store was a major challenge. But our team worked the way around, managing to deliver the material in bulk bags in palettes into a retail unit – ready to mix and pump the screed to the H&M store situated on the upper floors.  We are happy to have delivered the project on time and to CSC standards, to a very happy client.
The H&M store had a festive opening with a live jazz band performing in-store!
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