Floor Screeding of 2500 sq.m completed in 4.5 days

March 2012


Summary of project


  • Project programme was 1 week to include weekend working if necessary, completed in 4.5 days.
  • Floor Area = 2500sm x 75mm nominal depth.


  • The screed specification used FlexiDry F3 at a nominal depth of 75mm to encapsulate and conduct the heat from the underfloor heating system.
  • Quantity of Sand = 340 tonnes


  • Sand was delivered via 8 wheeler tipper truck with 20 tonnes and in some cases, 30 tonnes on an articulated tipper. Circa 16 lorry loads.
  • Pumping distance was around 90m.
  • 4 screed pumps in use on the 1st day and 3 screed pumps for the remaining 3.5 days.


  • 4th machine on site as a backup in case of any form of mechanical breakdown.
  • 4 screeders and 6 general pump operatives on the 1st day and then dropped off to 3 screeders and 4 general operatives for the remainder.
  • End client was Keuhne & Nagel, principal contractor was Readie Construction Ltd and our client was TMCD Developments Ltd.