Floor screeding innovation

June 2011

CSC getting set to take a huge leap in sustainable construction with basalt fibres

CSC Screeding is getting set to take a huge leap in sustainable construction by replacing the commonly used polypropylene fibres with high-tech, eco friendly basalt fibres for screed reinforcement. The tough and moisture resistant basalt fibres are extruded from the highly abundant volcanic rock- ‘basalt’, and yield exceptional strength and durability while being inert and eco friendly.

Reinforcing screeds with basalt fibers can go a long way in doing away with the most common screeding problems of shrinkage, cracking and screed failure. The tough, moisture and solvent resistant basalt fibres highly improve the quality and durability of screeds, while being cost effective and economic compared to other synthetic fibres. Also, being non-toxic and non-carcinogenic they are completely safe to handle and pose no health or environmental hazards.

Some of the other superior qualities of basalt fibres include:

  • High thermal resistance and acoustic insulation
  • Low water absorption
  • Low degradation of strength under high temperature and humidity
  • High elasticity
  • Mechanical strength
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to fungal and biological contamination
  • Low inflammability

Floor screeding trials are currently being carried out in conjunction with Exelement Technology and the eInnovation Center of Wolverhampton University, and if successful CSC will be the pioneers in introducing this sustainable form of screed reinforcement in the UK.