Floor em!

February 2013

Floor em? You said “floor em?” You can bet that got our attention! And no, this is not a 1980’s construction site negotiation tactic, and we can tell you a few interesting stories about those – perhaps for another day though.

We are now into 2013 and the construction industry has changed radically. Heath and Safety is no longer a tick box exercise and is a deadly serious business. “Floor em” is actually a part of a first aid routine that has been designed to be easy to remember.

Spencer Warner, our MD, just completed a 3 day Local course with St. Johns Ambulance in High Wycombe and is now a qualified First Aider.

As Spencer says:

“A big thank you to Margaret, Claire and Francis whom spent three days taking us through the course. Some of the jargon made it really interesting, Find it, Press it, Raise it and Floor em! This would find the laceration, press it to reduce blood loss, raise it above the heart to reduce the pressure and get them on the floor before they pass out and injure themselves further as part of the primary and secondary survey first aid assessment.”

So if you find our MD on a construction site and he decides to “floor you” then you can be best assured that he has your best interest at heart! All puns intended.

And oh, Spencer finishes off with: “I have three kids at home and believe me they scare me from time to time with their ability to climb and fall out of things. This training is a life skill, my family is now better protected and more people should be taking part.”