Expert Advice from Professional Screeders: Lets Get it Right the First Time

November 2015
Know where to get advice

Know where to get good advice

Your screed seems ready to receive the final floor finish. Yet you are afraid that installing your beautiful floor on top of a screed layer that is not flat enough or has not dried properly will ruin it. And you are right. What should you do? Should you browse speciality forums, trying to get the answers you need?… Read on to find out more.

There is one thing you need to know: not all the information available on forums is correct. It is true that sometimes, the persons who give free advice are professional screeders. But other times, they are regular people, who share their opinions without having any knowledge or experience in screeding. Even when a person says that he is an experienced professional, caution must be taken to assure that the information provided is correct.

The Author

To help you make an informed decision, the consulting service or the professional giving advice must require some details about your screeding project. Basically, the professional should know everything about your project, including the screed formulation and thickness of the screed layer, permissible deviation of the screed surface from the predetermined level, ambient conditions, and the type of the floor finish to be installed on top.

Additionally, the person answering your questions should provide enough information to establish his credibility. For instance, he should include his web address and credentials, which must be relevant to the topic.

Fact Checking

Just because a professional says that you must wait 110 days for a traditional screed, laid at a 75mm thickness, to dry completely, it does not mean that the information is correct – though, in this case, it is. Even a specialist screeder with years of experience may skip part of the information you provide and, as a result, give out wrong advice. That is partly because many people, including professionals, do not take forum messages too seriously.

The only way to be absolutely sure that the information you receive is correct and the person who provides it is a knowledgeable, experienced screeder is to find reputable sources, such as the Screed Scientist website, or to get in touch with screed experts, such as the professionals working at HomeScreed.

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