Difficult access for floor screeding? CSC has the answer

July 2011

As modern construction brings newer challenges, CSC Screeding has the answer for them all- modern equipments, innovative techniques, the latest in technology and a skilled work force to match.

To stay ahead of the demands of complex construction, CSC Screeding is currently investing in electric forced action pan mixers such as Baron 200M for those awkward jobs where outside access is difficult. When ready mix screeds present logistical difficulties for such projects, with the new portable forced action pan mixers we can now guarantee high quality screeds mixed fresh, right at the site.
Forced action Mixing
Forced action mixing is a technique that ensures efficient distribution of cement through the sand, yielding an evenly mixed screed of supreme strength and quality. Screed pumps are ideal forced action mixers which can produce large quantities of fresh screed at the work site. But available space outside the construction site is not always an option and where the pan mixer comes into it’s own.
Electric pan mixers and the new Baron 200M forced action mixers on the other hand are portable and easy to use and can produce the best quality site mix screeds where screed pumps or traditional screed mixers cannot be operated. Baron forced action pan mixers ensure precise and safe emptying of the screed, and can even be used in conjunction with a lightweight conveyor for added efficiency.
With the portable forced action pan mixers, we are happy that we can now continue to offer high quality floor screeding while giving our clients the advantages of high onsite flexibility, lesser wastage and more economic pricing that expensive ready mix screeds fail to give.