Customer Feedback

April 2009

Having completed another successful screed installation at a site in Limpers Hill, Mere, Wiltshire, CSC customer John Sands wrote to our Managing Diretor expressing some positive feedback on our service and quality standards.
“I would like to thank you and your site team for your work, the site team were punctual, courteous and very professional. Also, the quality of their work was of a very high standard”
John Sands has written many industry wide publications including the following titles:
Underfloor heating systems, the designers guide AG 12/2001 BSRIA 2001. ISBN 086022 5288
Underfloor heating systems, an assessment standard for installations AG 13/2001 BSRIA 2001. ISBN 086022 5836
Energie Guide:Floor heating and cooling sytems,applications of low temperature heating and height temperature cooling. Thermie project DIS/1522/97/FR. BSRIA 2002