CSC Take Health and Safety seriously as part of floor screeding

August 2012

We like to think that we are passionate about the floor screeding industry. We believe that we must demonstrate this across the board in everything that we do. Some may pay lip service to the admin and the peripheral activities that surround the process of screeding, but that is not the way we think.

Take a look at the GB Cycle team. They believe that you must look for the marginal gains in all that you do to become champions. Their work ethic and belief that you can always improve and innovate is an aspiration that we buy into. By way of a demonstration that we actually mean this, take a look at the comment from our consultant at THSP.

Thanks for the matrix. It was good to see you again and I was really pleased with all of your current systems and documentation. Seldom do I come across such complete documents which are of the required standard. It demonstrates the commitment to H & S all companies should have.

Kind regards
Steve Jones