CSC Screeding Ltd secure Harris Academy Screeding Project with 5100sm of FlexiDry F3

March 2011

We are delighted to have secured the Harris Academy project with opproximately 5100sm of DPM, Insulation and FlexiDry Floor Screeds.
The works started on the 2nd March 2011 and the process is to install 1200 gauge DPM and various EPS100 insulations. The underfloor heating contractor will then install tackerboard insulation and underfloor heating pipe. CSC Screeding will then follow closely behind with FlexiDry F3 / 21 day Fibrescreed which encapsulates the underfloor heating pipes, providing both protection from site traffic and acting as a very efficient heat conductor. The successful interface between underfloor heating and screed is critical to the sequencing of a project and this is enhanced by the experience that The underfloor heating contractor and CSC Screeding have with working in tandem over the years.