CSC receives nomination for FPDC Technical Award

June 2012

CSC is delighted to have been nominated for the FPDC technical award, following the record completion of the Foulds School screeding project, when low winter temperatures posed as potential stumbling blocks.
Fighting the odds presented by plummeting temperatures, we are proud to have completed the project right on the agreed date – delivering the completed screed dry and ready for the final floor finish right within 21 days of installation.
When industry standards stipulate a minimum drying period of 110 days for traditional screeds ( under controlled temperature conditions of 20ºC and a Relative Humidity of 50%), it was essential to go for a quick drying floor screed for the Foulds School project in order to deliver within the tight time schedule dictated by the project.
Considering the weather conditions and the specific project requirements, our team finalized on FlexiDry F3, choosing from a variety of fast drying floor screeds. Just as expected, FlexiDry delivered the perfect screed, right within 21 days of installation, despite adverse temperature conditions of less than10ºC throughout the screeding period.
CSC thanks FlexiDry and all our team members for the exceptional work presented at Foulds School, Barnet.