CSC proudly announces our new Screed Testing Services

February 2012

With more than two decades of invaluable experience in screeding behind us, CSC is proud to launch the much needed Screed Testing Services for the industry. As screed failures remain a daunting issue, a reliable testing service is expected to go a long way in identifying the issues right at the root, facilitating intervention at the right time and helping in achieving high quality screeds compliant with British Standards.
Despite ensuring the best quality raw materials and high standards of workmanship, it often happens that the actual quality of the screed is affected by external factors such as the site conditions during and after the construction of flooring. In order to ensure that the actual quality standards meet the required quality parameters, it is essential to follow a meticulous procedure of inspection and testing during the various phases of construction, and take necessary rectification measures in case the standards don’t match.

CSC hopes to assist contractors, screeders and builders in achieving the expected screed quality standards through a range of specialised screed testing services. Our range of screed testing services include:
Level Survey by an Engineer, providing datum above sea level: The datum above sea level will be assessed accurately by a qualified engineer, using regular surveying methods.
Level Survey by laser level dip survey for departure from datum: Laser level dip survey will be used for higher precision in assessing the departure from datum of the installed screeds.
Surface Regularity Testing : The Surface Regularity of screeds will be measured using a 2m straightedge, in compliance with BS8204-1:2003 & A1:2009,
BRE Drop Hammer Test: The screed will be subjected to repeated impact blows by dropping a 4 / 2 kg annular weight vertically down a guide on to a hardened steel anvil placed on the screed surface. The depth of indentation on the screed after four consecutive blows will be measured to gauge the ability of the screed to carry traffic without crushing under the loaded weight.
Moisture Test by Calcium Carbide Method or Tramex Test: The moisture content of the installed screed will be assessed at the end of the stipulated drying time using the calcium carbide or Tramex meter method, to ensure the screed is optimally dry for taking on the final finish. Though often underestimated, the accurate assessment of the moisture content of screeds is one of the most important steps in ensuring the quality of the screed and the entire flooring.

We’ve got it covered – for you

In keeping with CSC’s tradition of meticulous attention to detail and quality, we hope our new screed testing services will help screeders, builders and contractors in bringing down the number of screed failures and achieve high quality screeds that meet the expected quality standards. All tests will be carried out by our expert team in accordance with the British and European Standards Code of Practice.