CSC proud to get the FeRFA stamp of quality

July 2013

The FeRFA stamp of quality is no small thing and we have to say we are immensely proud to have this logo alongside our name. Now, this is also a declaration that all the screeding jobs we will undertake for resin floors will follow the exceptional quality standards prescribed by the Resin Flooring Association.

FeRFA (Resin flooring Association, formerly Federation of Resin Formulators and Applicators) is the leading authority in the UK for resin flooring systems, and is in fact the only organization dedicated entirely to Resin flooring.  So much is their standing in the industry that all official bodies from RIBA, NSCC and CSCS to BSI recognize the FeRFA as the voice of the Resin floor industry.

All FeRFA members are required to abide by the high standards of operation, technical service, health and safety and business integrity – laid out by the FeRFA Code of Practice, and are bound to operate quality assurance schemes for ensuring the highest standards of performance.

The FeRFA membership has also opened new doors to our team to improve their skills and achieve qualifications through FeRFA’s reputed ‘Qualifying the Workforce’ Programme. From health and safety awareness, upskilling and training programmes to apprenticeships and NVQ qualifications, FeRFA members are exposed to a wide range of training programmes.  They also publish a host of eLearning material and guidance notes to encourage the adoption of best practices.

And, of course the FeRFA membership entails the operation of a clear and concise environmental policy and also encourages innovative products and processes in Resin Flooring by instituting rewards for innovation.

All in all, this is a great organization doing some great work, and we are delighted to be a FeRFA member.