CSC awarded screeding project for ModernaHus – the new genre of green homes for the UK

April 2011

CSC Screeding Ltd has been commissioned for the screeding project for the UK’s 1st ModernaHus Scheme. The contract is for the installation of Insulation Tackerboard and FlexiDry F1/7 day dry floor screed over 9500 sm of under floor heating.

The Scandinavian energy-efficient housing solution is being introduced in the UK by Contractor Skanska, one of the largest builders in Sweden. The ModernaHus homes are specially designed medium rise buildings with well insulated housing envelopes, solar water panels, underfloor heating and ground source heat pumps to maximize energy efficiency and would figure to be the pioneers in a new generation of affordable, eco friendly homes in the UK. These green homes are 30% more energy efficient than normal homes, and has achieved the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.

The ModernaHus has been tried out earlier in several parts of Europe, but has been in the test phase in the UK for several years. The Swedish design which has now been adapted to suit the UK market and environment, is touted to be a perfect demonstration of Swedish know-how and British construction at its best. With majority of the manufacturing work including the construction of the concrete wall and floor blocks complete with the finishes, the bathroom pods and triple glazed windows- being carried out off-shore, the project is expected to reach completion without much delay.
CSC is privileged to be part of this novel project and look forward to working along with the Skanska team to complete this project on time. Having been involved directly with the planning of the ModernaHus UK project, our Managing Director Mr. Spencer Warner is excited to be part of the construction phase. He had had been present at the technical meetings and had the chance to attend various presentations with the sub contractors. The three dimensional computer aided softwares which could zoom in to show the minutest details of the construction components, presented a remarkably elaborate projection of the buildings upon completion. CSC Screeding wishes Skanska the very best and hope to continue the association with them for future endeavours.