Choosing the best screeding contractor for your floor

September 2014

You will always find the cheapest quote, the shortest project completion time, and someone stating, “Choose me. I’m the best”. While it’s inappropriate to give you advice on the quote and time frame you should choose for your project, as both are dependent on factors you may be unable to control, we can help you find the right professional for the job. Below are a few questions you should ask and the answers you should receive from an experienced, reliable contractor.

When can you start and finish the project?
A reputable screeding contractor should be able to communicate detailed schedule information, including the start and finish dates. He should also be able to adjust the schedule according to your needs.

Who will work on my project? Who will be in charge of it?
The best contractor will always assign an experienced, knowledgeable project manager so that you’ll have only one person to deal with. This will eliminate inaccuracies and errors, facilitating decision making and successful project completion, on time and on budget.

What equipment will you use?
Respectable contractors use the latest screeding equipment, materials, and techniques in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. Insulation systems, screed reinforcement, floor levelling, floor preparation, under-floor heating, screed construction, and final floor finishes are just a few aspects a truly professional screeder will focus on.

Can you give me any guarantee on the work done and building materials used?
Most professional screeding contractors are confident that the materials and technologies they use are the best ones. Thus, they’ll be more than happy to warrant the completed construction work for a certain period. Further, the guarantee provided by the top screeding companies is backed up by TrustMark, a Government organisation that reassures regulatory compliance.

Do you have residential screeding experience?
Having a dedicated team of professionals, who know how to approach small screeding projects, is a critical success factor for any home improvement initiative.

As a reputable screeding company, HomeScreed ensures that the highest standards are met for every application, from small to large residential projects. Download our service checklist to compare your chosen screeders.

Our professionals aren’t only highly trained, qualified, experienced, and accredited in floor screeding, but also committed to working closely with customers, architects, engineers, and construction companies for coherent teamwork in order to prevent any screeding-related problems. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or advice on the most appropriate screeding package for your project.