Can you afford not to moisture test your floor screed?

December 2012

Test your screed for peace of mind

CSC have always taken quality seriously, bearing in mind that flooring in the UK is a very litigious arena. We test our screeds under British and European Standards to guarantee quality and to keep accurate records on our database system.
We cover BRE drop hammer testing, moisture testing with Calcium Carbide, prism tests for compressive and flexural strength, level surveys, surface regularity and surface pull off tests.

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We have decided to share our expertise and extend our testing service to the open market. We carry out testing for Principal Contractors, Architects, Consultants, Builders, Screeding Contractors, Underfloor Heating Contractors, Tiling Contractors, Soft Flooring Finishers and Homeowners.
Need to get your flooring finished by Christmas? Give us a call to test the moisture content before applying your expensive flooring.