Bond to the Right Screeder

March 2015

Ben and Karen

Screed failure can occur at any time. However, enlisting the services of an experienced screeding contractor, able to provide high-quality materials, choose the right screed for each job, and install flawless screeds 99% of the time, is one thing a builder can do to ensure the best possible outcome.

With all the extensive, high-value construction projects you are planning to undertake in the future, hiring a knowledgeable, experienced screeding team that can provide a perfectly flat, durable substrate on which to place final floor finishes has become imperative to the ultimate success of your projects. But finding the right screeding contractor is a daunting task. That is because you have to consider a series of things before making the final decision, such as:

  • ISO certificate – ISO standards have been developed to help companies assure customers that their products and services are safe and of good quality. For instance, a screeding company that has implemented ISO 9001 will use best practice methodologies and quality management systems to improve its business processes continuously and make customers happy.
  • Investor in People accreditation – A mark of excellence, Investors in People accreditation will tell you not only that a screeding company achieves high performance through people, but also that it values its employees, focusing on training staff, encouraging innovation, and creating an enticing work environment.


    We are a people business

    We are a people business

  • Industry accreditations – Industry accreditations can be used to identify reliable, experienced professionals, such as builders, screeders, plumbers, and electricians, in the UK. Accreditation can help ensure that the screeding contractor you are about to hire has implemented the best practices associated with health and safety, customer care, and insurance.
  • Professional bodies – Another thing you can do to find reputable, proficient screeding specialists is to check with the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and Construction Products Association (CPA).
  • Expertise and consistency – The top screeding companies provide their staff with constant training, hands-on experience, and innovative screeding techniques and equipment. As expert knowledge and experience have become fundamental requirements in any organisation interested in offering clients consistent, high-quality services, finding a company with technically qualified, experienced work force and SMSTS- and SSSTS-qualified supervisors will allow you to benefit from high technical standards, cutting-edge technologies, and unparalleled attention to detail, which turns screeding into art.

The CSC ContractScreed Experts

At CSC Screeding, we have skilled technicians with ample knowledge and experience, advanced tools and equipment, a strong financial foundation, and friendly support staff able to give expert advice. All these have turned CSC Screeding into a reputable and reliable company ready to deliver the desired outcomes on time and within budget.