Beechwood Road an underfloor heating project, with the screed dried in just 3 days

August 2014

HomeScreed1 took Lily, our screed pump, out on her first domestic job today.  We screeded a 90sqm room in Beechwood Road in Beaconsfield; a beautiful house on the outskirts of the National Trust’s  Hogback Wood.

As you can see we were part of a building project and there’s a lot of building equipment still in the front garden, but that was no problem for Lily.

Her screed pipes were long enough to go directly to the room without making a mess by taking wheel barrows of screed through the house.


We really do mean it when we say we have a No mess, No fuss and No hassle promise.

HomeScreed screeded the entire floor to a depth of  75mm with  FlexiDry Superfast.  With a drying time of just 3 days FlexiDry Superfast can be laid on top of an underfloor system, making it the ideal screed for this ground floor room.

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1 HomeScreed in a division of CSC Screeding Ltd