Your floor screed, basic principles?

June 2011

When it comes to troubleshooting, you have two options

  1. Go back to the source
    Or Alternatively
  2. Fix what you see

How do you think NASA do it?

  • Oh look here is a problem, a bit of sharp metal in the doorway!!
  • Stick a plaster on it
  • Oh no, we can’t shut the hatch now!!
  • Cut the seal.
  • Cool the door closes, but now the oxygen escapes!!
  • Carry more oxygen.
  • Oh no, the capsule is too heavy!!
  • Use a bigger rocket ………..

Sounds absolutely ridiculous doesnt it?  You can see the costs go from a simple no cost fix to billions. Each fix causes further complications.

Big IT corporations use well known, tried and tested solutions from people like Kepner and Tregoe.

So what about screed?

See these pictures below of precast concrete flooring. Just how level is that floor?

  • So we have to level it right?
  • Oh no the floor is too high if we use the specified thickness of insulation.
  • So cut the insulation and lay the screed.
  • Ok done.
  • Oh damn the accoustic and thermal performances are now below tolerance!

Whose fault is that?

Yes your floor screeding contractor can work a small miracle. But with due respect, you probably dont want them to. You really should learn from NASA. Now how did we manage that? Floor Screeding and NASA in the same post!