Additional CSC Screeding websites and resources

January 2013

The Screed Scientist®

As part of CSC’s educational initiative, we operate a specialist website – –which carries extensive information regarding all aspects of floor screeding and provides practical screeding information, tips and advice on best practice.


Screed Protection

Our screed protection website is specifically intended to raise the awareness about the importance of screed protection in preventing the daunting issue of screed failures. As the importance of screed protection often goes underestimated, we have dedicated this website entirely to screed protection – highlighting the importance of screed protection, the different screed protection measures and important tips for screed protection.
At CSC, we are passionate about delivering quality. With our expertise, experience and meticulous attention to detail, we make sure that every single screed/ underfloor heating we deliver is of the highest quality. No matter what your screeding/underfloor heating requirements are, at CSC, we’ve got it covered!