5 Unusual Places for Underfloor Heating

March 2015

Treetops summer house screeding

Considering the pleasant warmth and the freedom from space-eating radiators, it is little wonder that underfloor heating is now capturing markets that were once dominated by gas and electric radiant heating systems. From homes, offices, sports halls and commercial spaces, underfloor heating systems now seem to be finding their way to some rather less conventional places – which we do not dispute could be in need of the nice toasty floors on a cold winter morning!

Tree Houses

Imagine sleeping among the branches, listening to the sweet lullaby of the winds and waking up looking up at the stars. Like Enid Blytons’ Magic Faraway Tree and Disney Land’s famous Swiss Family tree house, tree houses have always had an air of enchantment about them. But how would it be if you were to spend a winter holiday up on a tree house?As with this popular tree house in Devon which comes complete with underfloor heating, dishwasher and a hot tub, many tree houses are now offering adventure seekers a year round experience.

treetops treehouse bathroom

treetops treehouse interior 2
[Photo credit: Courtesy of www.canopyandstars.co.uk  also if you are interested prices are from £245 per night (sleeps up to 2 adults and 2 children),  Tel:  0117 204 7830 / 0117 204 7830 ]



Now if you thought underfloor heating is a thing for the fancy yachts, you could be in for a surprise. With new UFH systems allowing thin electric mats or narrow bore pipes to be fitted in a mesh framework or suspended flooring with a floor covering above, underfloor heating is now making its way to the narrow boats and wide beam barges.There are arguments that underfloor heating might not be as energy efficient for boats as it would be for a normal building, as there could be considerable heat loss through the bilge – the bottom compartment of the boat, below the waterline. Nonetheless, it was interesting to find that many boat owners are trying out underfloor heating for boats for the sake of the best feature this heating system has to offer – nice toasty floors on a cold winter morning. Tempting enough, we agree!


For all the zoo inmates uprooted from their natural environment, the zoos have been trying to make up with a replication of their natural habitat. Apart from warming up the animals’ dens with heating mats, many zoos are now going the extra mile to introduced temperature controlled rocks and specially tailored heating mats in tanks and pools to provide the ambient temperature for their animals. The fact that underfloor heating provides a pleasant radiant warm and stays tucked away from sight adds brownie points when it comes to using them in environments as these.


Cold weather not only exposes cattle to health risks, but it is found to decrease milk production in cows and reduce antibody absorption in new born calves, says the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association. Many dairies across the UK are now installing underfloor heating to keep their herds protected and to provide a dry and warm environment for their stock.


Many dog lovers seem to be going the extra mile to keep their pooches happy as the winter sets in. It definitely does not come cheap. But with Wayne and Coleen Rooney being among the first to do a £10,000 underfloor heating for their dogs’ kennels, it is little wonder that many celebrities are following suit!Now, if you are looking for underfloor heating and screeding for your floors, just give us a call on 0845 500 4055. Our team at CSC has been doing screeding and underfloor heating for many a challenging project across the U.K. If you think you have a screeding or underfloor heating that you would need expert help with – yes, even if it is a little unusual – our expert team will be more than happy to help.