Floor Screeders Required

Work in Floor Screeding

We have opportunities for experienced screeders and site preparation technicians.

Floor Screeders Required

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We carry out the installation of numerous types of DPM’s, Radon Barriers, Primers and Accessories.


Damp Proof Membranes are required to protect the screed and toppings from moisture. Various types of polythene are used to seperate screeds and insulations from a damp substrate and generally used on ground floors to protect against rising damp. A 1200 gauge polythene is normally used in this instance and a 500 gauge is used as a seperating membrane to ensure that the moist screed is seperated from the insulation layer.

Radon Barriers

Radon Barriers are installed to negate the effects Radon that could enter a building by airflow from the underlying ground. There are passive and active methods of achieving radon protection. A passive system consists of an airtight radon proof membrane throughout the floors and walls or an active system that provides a natural or mechanical underfloor ventilation or a powered extract system as an integral part of the services system which will have active running and maintenance costs.


There are a whole host of primers that can be used as both a mechanical and chemical key as well as sealers. Many come as a system with specialist materials but can be used independantly. Primers are a very important part of the bonding / sealing process and should always be incorporated into their correct applications. Standard primers for a mechanical key, consist of an SBR, cement and water mix where a screed is applied wet on wet. Chemical primers are generally more difficult substrates that are smooth and non-porous. Primers are generally applied with a brush or roller but specialist applicators may use airless sprays particularly on rough substrates. Always refer to a specialist contractor prior to application.


Accessories such as flexible floor jointing materials, fibreglass fracture membranes, penetrating hardening systems, measuring jugs, buckets, brooms, shovels, protective high visibility barrier tapes, gloves, glasses, high visibility waist jackets, trowels, levels etc. can be purchased. Please call or fill in a contact sheet with your requirements. Due to our wide knowledge of the industry we have specialist products such as bio mixer protection, cleaners, retarders, frost protectors and many more.