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CSC Screeding has over thirty years of floor screeding experience and use only the best ScreedRepair systems using high performance products.



ScreedRepair® is a specialist trading division of CSC Screeding Ltd.

ScreedRepair® has been developed to undertake Screeding repair work that may be required on your project for a number of reasons.

Whether it’s a crack repair, grinding an uneven surface, screed breaking down, impact damage, failed floor coverings, moisture problems, levels too high or too low, weak screed mixtures and more, then our ScreedRepair division can come to the rescue.

We use fast setting resin and screed materials to ensure the minimum of disruption to your project, in the event that limited time scales are required in highly trafficked zones.

We carry low viscosity resins for crack repair, penetrating hardening systems, surface DPM, smoothing compounds, industrial toppings, decorative coatings and more. Not to mention a whole host of specialist equipment such as diamond cutters, grinders, scabblers, planers, breakers, dust extractors and more.

We have over thirty years experience and extensive industry knowledge which has enabled us to offer only the best repair or reinstatement Screeding systems in the industry.

Materials ready for the ScreedRepair team. Not many site projects choose to protect the screed as described in the British Standards and continue building operations without any protection measures to the screed surface.

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Screeding Technology


There are many products on the market and CSC have reached a high industry standard by fully understanding the science behind the installation and associated processes. We have worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure that only the best quality materials are used on all of our sites across the UK.

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Construction Accreditations


CSC Screeding are members of Constructionline, CHAS and Builders Profile where a predefined Health & Safety questionnaire is pre-completed and our clients have direct access to the information. Documents contained in the pre-qualification system are updated throughout the year, ensuring continued compliance. We have focused on developing the business through constant innovation, implementation and collaboration. We are now ready for the business to grow with the increasing demand.