Howe Farm Hambledon, floor screed over underfloor heating

February 2015

Screed over underfloor heating howe farm hambledon


At HomeScreed, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of a new screeding project, part of a complex restoration plan initiated by IPJ Owslworth Ltd – a company specialising in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings. The main objective of the plan was to renovate a beautiful grade II farmhouse constructed in 1700 and located at Howe Farm in Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, England.

Similar to other buildings dating back to the 18th century, the Howe Farmhouse presented many challenges due to uneven floors. It also had the additional complication of three bays each with different depths. Therefore, the screeding project had much more to it than just planning and laying the screed.

One our client’s main concerns was that they wanted to maintain the integrity of this beautiful building; but waiting several months for the screed to dry out thoroughly and install the final floor would have negatively affected the project delivery time.

After careful consideration of our clients needs, our experts came up with the best solution for the project: FlexiDry F3. This type of screed can be used in any home improvement projects to rehabilitate uneven surfaces or repair damaged floors requiring an infill. Additionally, FlexiDry Universal Fast 21 is one of the best screeds to improve heat retention and energy efficiency in under-floor heating (UFH).

The result? We installed a perfectly flat screed over an under-floor heating system in a 64m2 area. With a drying time of 21 days, we helped our clients meet very tight project timescales.

Our screed team has also paid close attention to the original timber frames, preserving the authentic appearance of the traditional farmhouse and turning a regular screeding project into a resounding success across the floor screeding industry.


HomeScreed team visit hambledon farm


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