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July 2011

Natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent as we continue to walk through life. Some of the biggest and most infamous have been the earthquake in Haiti on 12th January 2010 as well as the tsunami in Indonesia Boxing Day 2004 which affected at least 5 different countries in the Indian Ocean such as Thailand, Sri Lanka as well as obviously India. These disasters have had devastating effects, the figures speak for themselves with the estimated death toll after the Haiti earthquake is 222,570. As with the tsunami on the west coast of Indonesia as was aforementioned, the numbers reached the same kind of level, 230,210 deaths.

The people that are affected by these disasters need to be helped by us as privileged people, and that’s exactly what CSC Screeding have recently been doing. Perry Jones is one privileged person who has decided to run, row and cycle 26.2 miles, all in aid of the people affected by these disasters and he is currently collecting donations for this. All donations, whether they be £1000 or £10, all will go to CARE International, a global humanitarian organisation working with over 59 million people in 70 of the world’s poorest countries. CSC have given £350 for this worthy cause, an extremely generous gift. You can donate too by clicking the link at the bottom of this article which will then take you to Perry Jones’ page. Do at least go and have a look at Perry’s page, as people out there need our help. We are so privileged, and so therefore we have to respect the fact that reading this article in itself is a privilege, something that we’ve started to take for granted, I fear.

Here is the link to Perry’s page:

This article was written by Edward Pocock who was on work experience at CSC Screeding between 27th June and 8th July. Ed has just finished his GCSE’s at the time of writing.